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Manufacturer & supplier of
RPM Indicators, Frequency Indicators .

Frequency Indicators

Frequency Indicators


Nippon 6000 is a versatile digital frequency indicator for the accurate measurement of line (mains) and other frequencies. It is widely used in U.P.S. systems, drives, M.C.B. Panels, different types of Control Panels, Power Stations, Industrial and medical electronics and many other applications for accurate frequency measurement.
  • Wide frequency band. 45.00 to 99.99 Hz, 45.0 to 999.9 Hz
  • Phase Lock Loop (P.L.L.) Counting.
  • Quartz Crystal Time base.
  • Accuracy of ± .01 Hz.
  • No mechanical moving parts.
  • 4-digit bright L.E.D. display.
Nippon 6000 a digital frequency indicator is working on Phase Lock Loop multiplying principle. Dedicated CMOS P.L.L. I.C.'S are used for frequency multiplication. Quartz Crystal and frequency divider I.C. 'S are used to generate accurate gate time of 0.5 seconds. In this gate time number of pulses coming out from P.L.L is counted and displayed. The display is updated after every one second. Due to P.L.L. multipliers and Quartz Crystal time base accuracy of ± .01 Hz is achieved.
Supply line for line frequency measurement.
RANGE A = 45.00 Hz to 99.99 Hz
B = 45.0 Hz to 999.9 Hz
RESOLUTION 0.01 Hz for range A 0.1 Hz for range B
ACCURACY ± 0.01 Hz for range A ± 0.1 Hz for range B
DISPLAY 4 digit bright LE.D. (seven- segment)
GATE TIME 0.5 Seconds
PRINCIPLE Phase Lock Loop multiplication
SUPPLY 230 VAC ± 10%, 50 Hz
BOX SIZE 48(H) X 96(W) X 180 D in mm DIN size or 72(H) X 72(W) or 96(H) X 96(W) DIN size

Address: Nippon Instruments (India) pvt. ltd.
301/302B, Alankar Industrial Estate,
Near Virwani Indl. Estate,
Off Aarey Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063.
Tel : 022-28755867


RPM Indicators, Frequency Indicators

RPM Indicators | Frequency Indicators


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