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Manufacturer & supplier of
Humidity Indicators/Controllers, Humidity Sensors , Humidity Loggers, Greenguard

Nippon Greenguard



Nippon Thechnology offers customized solutions for environment control of GREEN HOUSE.

The sturdy electronics, user friendly operations, male female heavy duty connectors for external wiring, elegant powder coated box makes it trend setter in temperature + humidity control in GREEN HOUSE.

The system controls heaters, air-conditiones (coolers) and sprinklers.
Heaters are controlled with proprietory Fuzzy logic.

The controller controls air-conditioners with cyclic logic and delay time.
From Humidity/Temperature Transmitter. (Dry / Wet bulb input available on request)
Display 2 sets of (4+4) digit diaplay.
Upper for Temperature and lower for Humidity
Range Humidity 0 to 96.0 % RH
Temperature -20 to 80.0ºC , depending on type of Transmitter.
Resolution Relative Humidity 0.1 RH
Temperature 0.1ºC 
Output 2 Relays.
A) Humidity Control: One relay for Humidification, second for relay for Dehumidification.
B) Temperature Control: One relay for cooling (Comprosessor / Blower), Second relay for Heating (Heater)
Control Accuracy ± 3% for Humidity / ± 0.25% for Temperature

Address: Nippon Instruments (India) pvt. ltd.
301/302B, Alankar Industrial Estate,
Near Virwani Indl. Estate,
Off Aarey Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063.
Tel : 022-28755867


Humidity Indicators/Controllers, Humidity Sensors, Humidity Loggers, Greenguard

Humidity Indicators/Controllers | Humidity Sensors | Humidity Loggers | Greenguard


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