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Change bgcolor of Table Cell:
Change the Background color of Table cell (td) and the mouse cursor to a hand symbol when it rolls over the cell. It will act like a normal link when it will be clicked.
Note: IE Only
Fireworks on Your Web page :
The Java Script fireworks will be on your page continuously. 
Note: All (IE 4+ & NE. 4+)
Flying Butterfly :
This script will move a static image dynamically. Here a butterfly image will fly like an actual Butterfly flying in your page. 
Note: IE Only
Mouse Trail :
A Rubber boll Mouse trail on your web page. You can insert any image and use it in your web pages.
All (IE 4+ & NE. 4+)
Text Ripple:
The ripple is created by converting each sequential letter from lower case to upper case. The ripple speed can be also be changed.
Moving light on image:
The light will move on Image continuously. You can apply this script to any image in your web site.
Note: IE only
Text Fader:
This script will bring the various messages from up to down and fades those messages after few seconds. You can give links to those messages.
Note:  IE only
Message Scroller :
The Messages will scroll up-down. You can add links in between any message or liks to whole message.
Note: All
(IE 4+ & NE. 4+)
Rain Drop:
This script will make the rain drops continuously on your page and you will feel like it's raining.
All (IE 4+ & NE. 4+)
The script will shake the screen like an Earthquake. A cool Script of Javascript .
Note: All
(IE 4+ & NE. 4+)

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