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Being a second-generation photographer, Pankaj learned early on that great photography demands not the ability to see new things but to see things with new eyes. One of the joys of photography is that you are blissfully unaware of the magic that awaits you in the next moment.

Having started his career by establishing the Zen Workshop of Photography, this philosophy taught him to appreciate hidden nuances that probably would have escaped his mental radar if he had chosen to start elsewhere.

From industrial photography to consumer products to food and architecture, Pankaj have been inspired as much by the subjects that my lens has captured, as by the people whom hehave worked with in the last twenty years.

Pankaj still belongs to the school of thought, which prescribes homework scribbles on paper for a planned shoot or mental sketches for an unplanned picture taken outdoors. Then again, this type of "pre-visualisation" is not limited to the field of photography alone.

Sculptors, for example, 'see' the shape they want to carve out of a formless block of stone even before they raise their chisel. Musicians hear a note long before it escapes their instrument.

Similarly, he have learnt to "see" a picture before I take it.

The result: Pankaj spends less time looking for photographs. Photographs discover him.

And he realised that he did not seek; he found

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