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Vastushastra Consultants in Mumbai for home / residence and offices.


We provide vastu shastra consulting for home / residence and offices in Mumbai. It is a proven way of letting positive energy flow in your house and office. It is this which changes lives. Vastushastra can be defined as harmonious, proportionate, and positive interaction of all the matters encompassing human life. Vaastu shaastra offers adequate representation to all factors governing life to create, in a sense , harmonious and melodious music in human dimension. Artistic view point and aesthetic outlook are essential ingredients of vastushastra. Vastushastra can be explained in terms of constructive or destructive combination of the various oscillatory fields. Vastushastra effectively manipulates the web of cosmic energy for the betterment of humankind. It's well defined rules and regulations ensure that all the houses, buildings and other structures are in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Through vastu the physical world and the abstract world have to be matched properly and equitably in order to build the best possible dwelling. Physical world includes aspects as building material, contruction equipment, budgetary estimates, time duration to complete the contruction, the contractor, skilled and unskilled labours.

  • Vastu Shastra for Directions

  • Solar Radiation and Vastu

  • Directions and Flooring Pattern

  • Energy Dynamics

  • Vastushastra And Modern Architecture

  • Aura of Directions

  • Source and Sink Directions

  • Jaivic Urja And Pranik Urja

  • Cosmic Energy, Helix And Golden Ratio

  • Planning Vastu In Plots Of Irregular Shape

Contact Us:
Mrs. Sawant
Tel: 9702155321

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