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Standard Products

Low Temperature Test Chamber/Cabinet (Cryostat Chamber)

This Equipment is designed for testing of different types of methods and allied products, especially for Rubber, Rubber products and Plastic industries at low & ultra low temperature treatment test in Cryostat Chamber. The testing can be carried out as per ASTM, IS and many more test methods i.e. brittleness, flexibility test, impact test and rubber hose bending and compression test. All different type of tests can be carried out at the different temperature to the tolerance of 1C

(We design & manufacture as per costumers requirement)

Model No.  Volume (Approx) Size (WxLxD) Temperature Range
NIVTECH - 50SA 93 Liters 18"x15"x21" Ambient to(-) 5OC
NIVTECH - 50SA 93 Liters 18"x15"x21" Ambient to(-) 5OC


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