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Software Jobs USA Software Jobs in USA, Canada, PeopleSoft, Oracle Apps, J2ee
Software Jobs Software Jobs
Best Consultant Jobs Manpower Mumbai
Finance Jobs India Finance Jobs India, Engineering Jobs India, Sales Jobs in India
Toyo Computers Providing GIS, CAD, CAE, AM/FM software services
Jobtrack Management Services Jobs in Muscat, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, Executive Search, Placement Services


ChooseIndia Indian Portal
Onlinejobsandcareers IT Job Portal
Website designing Mumbai, India web designging, web promotion, web hosting, mumbai, India
Web site que diseña espanol Web site que diseña, promoción de la tela, recibimiento de la tela, Madrid, Espanol
Diamond Rings Diamond Jewellery Makers of fine Diamond Rings, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Necklaces, Solitaire Diamond Rings, Three Stone Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Diamond Jewellery
SuvB2b - Yellow Pages India Business Directory India
Dental Portal Dental portal, dentistry portal, Dental tourism, search dentists Quotes, SMS, Writings, stories, shayari, beauty & health tips, wallpapers, astrology, tips & tricks, recipes, trivia, contributions


The Raj Company Indian and british colonial wooden furniture. Antiques, ethnic and reproductions.
The Bed Connection Antique Royal beds, sleigh beds, four poster beds, colonial beds
The Chair Connection Antique Royal Chairs, Reproduction Chairs, Plantation Chairs
The Table Connection Antique tables, Reproduction tables, Dining tables, Console tables
The Desk Connection Antique Desks, Reproduction Desks, Colonial, Slant Top
The Bureau Connection Antique Bureaus, Reproduction Bureaus, Campaign Chest Drawers
The Art  Deco Connection Antique Art deco, Reproduction Artdeco, sofas, chairs
Javed Impex Brass Sextants, Compasses, Telescopes, and Nautical Collectibles. sextants, antique, reproduction, celestial navigation, telescope, compass, exports, manufacture, collectable, collectible, nautical, microscope, clock, key chain, keychain, transit, marine, dumpy level, historical reenactment, executive gift, Castle Navigation

Engineering companies


Drug Master Files, Dossiers, GMP Consultancy, Engineering Services, Regulatory Compliance, Separation Technology, Solvent Recovery System, Drying Systems, Mixing Technology, Fluid Dynamics, Process Operation, Yeild Optimization, Heat Transfer Technology

Arcraft Plasma Equipments Manufacturers of Plasma torches & consumables - Welding Inverters, Plasma Cutting Machines, Micro-Tig Welding Machines, Micro Plasma Welding Machines, AC Welding Machines, Mig welding Machines, Shape Cutting Machines,Special Purpose Machines
Techno ceramic Technical Ceramic Compositions like technical ceramics, electrical porcelain, lt & ht insulators, engineering ceramics, hrc Round & square fuses, special refractory shapes, heat engineering, grinding media, steatite, alumina, ceramic components, rectangular fuses
Auto coat India spray booth, paint baking oven, industrial ovens
Krunal Engineering Mfg. of fire fighting equipments and security systems
M3 Component Ltd. automotive parts, stainless steel flanges, spring pins
Echjay Group Forgings dies closed die forgings, upset forged components
Mech India Manufacturer of roller burnishing tools
Unotherm Refractories and refractory raw materials
Mew India Current transformers, instrument, control, voltage transformers
DPM Instruments Analytical and process instruments
Artech Engineers Electrical, Control and Instrument Engineering.
Spring Steel Strip Spring steel strip, cold rolled steel strip, annealed steel strip, steel strips, blue tempered steel strip, high carbon steel strip
Temperature Sensors Thermocouples & RTD's Assemblies, Mineral Insulated Thermocouple RTD's, Sensors for II-C, RTD's with Triclover
Temperature Instruments temperature instruments, temperature Indicators, Pocket Thermometers, Analog temperature Controller, Digital temperature Controller
Linearised Temperature Indicator Linearised temperature indicators, 3 1/2 digit Digital indicators, 4 1/2 digit Digital indicators, Micro Controller Based
PID Controllers PID controllers, Universal Scanners, Temperature Scanners, Temperature Transmitters
Flow Instruments Flow Indicator Totaliser, Flow Indicator Totaliser
Humidity Sensors Humidity Indicators / Humidity Controllers, Humidity Sensors , Humidity Loggers, Green guard
Signal Isolators Signal Isolators, Analog Signal Isolators, Digital Signal Isolators
Asiad Steels - Olets, Ball Valve Pipes, Tubes, Flanges, Butt Weld Fittings, Forged Pipe Fittings, Round Bars,Plates & Sheets, Fasteners, Ball Valve, Olets  and Customized Fabrications
MJ Patel seamless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes, tubes
Nippen Tubes Steel Pipes, Tubes, Butt Weld Fittings, Forged Pipes Fittings, Flanges, Structural Material / Expansion Bend, Olets & Fastners and Valves
ZIH International Pipes and Tubes, Flanges, Butt Weld Pipe Fittings, Fasteners, Sheets, Plates And Wires
Hitesh steel Pipes, Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Sheets, Plates & Coils, Bars & Hex Bars, Stripes & Flats, Fasteners, High Nickel Base Super Alloys, Customised Fabrications, Stainless Steel, Angles and Stainless Steel Olets
Nippon Timers Timers, Sequential Timer, Programmable Timer, Digital Time Totalizers, Digital Preset able Timers, Cyclic Timers, RC Timers, Augar Timers, Microtime, Smart Timer
Nippon RPM RPM Indicators, Frequency Indicators
NivTech Laboratory Testing Equipment, Flexibility Test Chamber
Nippon Embedded Systems Temperature Sensors, Embedded systems
Nippon Communication Products Temperature Sensors, Temperature Instruments, PID Controllers, Process Indicator/Controller, Flow Instruments, Humidity, Gas, Signal Isolators, Data Acquisition, Communication Products, Timers, Counters, RPM/Frequency, Flameproof Instruments, Energy Saving Products, Power Supplies, Embedded Systems, Custom Built, Large Size Display Units, Panel
Nippon Data Acquisition Data Acquisition Systems, Data Loggers, Scanner with Printer Interface, Handy Memory Bank, Mini Memory Bank, Industrial Printers, Memory Bank
Tubeweld pressure parts, line pipes, boiler components
Jignesh Steel - Refractory Anchors Pipes, Tubes, Sheets & Plates, Coils,  Stripes Buttweld Fittings, Forged Fittings, Bar & Wire, Flanges, Fastener, Refractory Anchors
Copper Strips Copper Strips, Copper Rods, Copper Pipes, Brass Tubes, Brass Bars
Steel Valves Nutech manufactures Steel Valves, Industrial Steel Valves
Stainless Steel Fasteners Stainless Steel Fasteners & Flanges, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Stainless Steel Flanges, Stainless Steel alloy, Stainless carbon Steel
Ferrule Fittings Ferrule Fittings, Blanking End, Plug, Tube Nut, Front Ferrule, Back Ferrule
Perfect16 Cameras 16 mm Cameras on Rental, Arri SR 3, Arri SR 2, on hire, on rent
Sealexcel Tube fittings, pipe fittings, couplings, stainless steel fittings
gears and gears gears, racks, pinions, timing belt pulley
Jethwa Automatic Can Equipment Co. tin making machinery, barrel making machines, drum making equipments


Tulsi Foundries crankshafts, front wheel hub, companion flanges, carrier, flange yokes, end yokes, OVPL block, twin calipers - carriers, housing, bridges, foundries, iron, ductile, casting, steel
Metal Link Manufacturer of copper alloys ingots
Ankur Metal Manufacturer & supplier of Stainless Steel Sheet Plate, Stainless Steel Bar, Stainless Steel Pipes, Stainless Steel pipe fittings, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Gun Metal, Aluminium Products and Mild Steel Pipes & Fitting
Nazareth Metals Copper alloy and castings manufacturer
Cast Alloys Specialize in Copper Alloy castings
Steel Wire spring steel wire, hard drawn steel wire, carbon steel wire
Spring Steel Strip spring steel strip, blue tempered steel strip, cold rolled steel strip, high carbon steel strip, annealed steel strip
Brass Fittings Brass Parts Brass fittings Brass Parts
Electrical Brass Components electrical brass components

Brass Fittings

brass fittings
Brass Parts brass parts
Brass Components Brass Components
Brass Parts Indian suppliers of Brass Parts
Brass castings Copper Castings Indian Brass and Copper foundry
Brass Components Brass Parts Indian suppliers of Brass components
Metal Coats copper plating, electroless nickel plating, anti corrosion
Brass Inserts India Makers of plastic moulding inserts
Stainless steel fittings Stainless Steel fittings from india
Brass components India makers of engineering components
Bronze castings Bronze Fittings Indian Bronze foundry
Cable Glands India Electrical cable components
Brass Components Exporter of turned parts

Automotive Companies

Pelican Activated Carbons Pelican activated carbon products, filters, granular activated carbon.
Acro International Exporters of earthmoving equipment spares
Carbon Products Carbon brushes, carbon sealing rings, carbon vanes
HMM Coaches Mfg. tourist coaches, bus bodies and special utility vehicles
Pelican Carbon Carbon brushes, carbon sealing rings, carbon vanes
Trissan Exports Automotive components, spares and parts for trucks, trailers, tractors

Agricultural / Agro products

Natural Healing Guide Comprehensive information about Medicinal Plants, Therapeutic Teas, Aromatherapy, Floral Essences, Homeopathy, Herbs and Spices, Natural Beauty, Nature Remedies, Garden Pharmacy, Ailments and Treatments, Self Healing Techniques, Gentle Diagnoses, Alternative Therapies for your health.
Ayuherbal Consultancy, testing & analysis, clinical trials, education & training for natural & ayurvedic products, medicinal plants.
Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farms Safed Musli Cultivation & Training
Exotic Natural Natural herbal and ayurvedic products, cosmetics, etc.
Safed Musli farm Farming Safed Musli - a medicinal crop
Amsar Private Limited Manufacturers of standardised herbal concentrates & natural plant products.

Building products

Decunhas Modular furniture and Interior systems
Dishant Marble Marble, granite, natural stones
Omega Kitchens Home interiors and designing kitchens and bathrooms
Vitco Tiles Mosaic, chequered, terrazzo, interlocking tiles


BBR-Microdite Waterproofing chemicals & solutions, leakages repairing
Filtra Group Catalysts, performance chemicals, coating systems
Osam Chemicals textile wetting agents, textile scouring agents, textile sequester agents
HRP Industries Activated bleaching clay (fullers earth)
Venus Petrochemicals Importers, distributors and manufacturers of petrochemicals
Colorband Dystuff (P) Ltd. CBENE Disperse and CBFIX Reactive Dyes manufacturer
Sarachem (India) Pvt. Ltd. Industrial aerosols for synthetic fibre industry and textile lubricants, trading in bulk consumables


Modi Paper Food service disposables like paper cups, plates, glasses
Prime Packaging Plastic packaging products (plastic bottles, plastic containers) for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, ayurvedic, oil etc.
Shiva International manufacturers of flexible packaging material, sealed pouches, sealed bags, Aluminium foil laminated bags, plastic laminated bags, mettalised bags, aluvac bags, printed plastic laminated bags


In wine & Beer Store In Wine & Beer Store has the most impressive collection of red wine, white wine, fruit wines, rose wines, sparkling wines, sparkling rose wines, mixed wines, champagnes, beer on display, complemented by gift packaging, service, accessories, memorabilia, etc. In wine store also has a good collection of international wine brands from france, spain, portugal, italy, germany, australia, new zealand, chile argentina, south africa, india, usa
Kabir Tech Wall Mount Rack Networking Products, CAT 5e STP cable, UTP CAT 5e Patch Panel 24 Port, Connectivity Products
Focussed events Trade Shows, Industry Exhibitions, Mega-Tech, Process Industry Exhibition, Trade Fair, Seminars, Summits, Trade & Industrial events, Engineering exhibitions
Pankaj Mistry Still Photography, Advertising Photography, Product Photography, Digital Photography, Architectural Photography, Automobile Photography, Fine Art Photography, Jewelry Photography, Industrial Photography, Corporate Photography, Food Photography, Hotel Photography, Outdoor Photography, Fashion Photography, Digital Imaging.
Zodiac Clothing Company Limited Corporate gifts mumbai, Business Shirts, Premium Shirts, Formal Shirts, Formal Trousers. Casual Trousers, Silk ties, Wallets, Belts
Villa Soma Bali  villa soma bali, map, travel information, 5 star hotels, beaches Celebrities, wallpapers, tourism, jokes, shayari, sms, astrology
Zodiac Shirts, Ties, Trousers Evening shirts, Casual shirts, Ties India, shirts, trousers, India
Vastushastra Mumbai Vastushastra Mumbai, Vastu Shastra Mumbai, Consultants
Ambi Pur Car Perfumes ambi pur, car perfumes, godrej product, floral fragrance, vanilla bouquet, tropic, citrus, aqua, after tobacco, kumar enterprises
Maser Electronics Pest repellers and medical equipments using Ultrasound technology
Diamond Jewelry Diamond Rings We offer Studded Diamond Jewelry
Diamond Information Information on diamond rings diamond grading diamond clarity diamond quality diamond buying diamond cut information on pokemon diamond and pearl diamond information diamond information center.
Diamond Rings Diamond Jewellery Diamond Jewellery Diamond Rings
Engagement Rings Engagement Rings
Diamond Pendants Diamond Pendants
Diamond Rings Diamond Rings, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Necklaces, Precious & Semir Precious Stone Jewellery, Loose Diamonds, Natural Colored diamonds, Solitaires
Diamond Jewellery UK Online seller of diamond jewellery
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